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Paws for a Cause Dog Walk & Festival

Training buddies Linda, Pat, Maria, Debbie, Cyndy

Precious Pups

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The Library Lassies are a group of dog-loving librarians from York County, Virginia.  Most of our dogs are rescues and give back so much more than they take!

Linda's Dotty and Reagan are beautiful, (but demanding), Dalmations.
Pat's Holly is a mix  who generously welcomed a kitten into her home.
Maria's Princess is just that (and a whole lot of fur!)
Cyndy's Bo and Sydney keep busy herding Cyndy's kids!
Debbie's Abby is a yellow lab  rescue and rabbit chaser extraordinaire!

My own pack has varied over the years and has numbered as many as six in the house at one time. My Basset mix, Babe, was a starving rescue from Annapolis that kept me from being lonely when I was stationed at the Pentagon away from my husband.  Emma was a skinny, lost fox hound I found on the side of the road.  She was covered with ticks, had been in a fight with something, and so thin I thought her bones would poke through her skin.  I honestly didn't think she'd live long enough for me to get her to my vet. In spite of her hard life and the damaged liver she probably got through ingesting something toxic when she was lost, she was the sweetest, gentlest dog who gave us 7 years of love.  Xena and Abbey were hungry girls found in Gloucester County that still rule our home.  Kodie, our Newfie,  was abandoned twice by her "owner" and was so depressed at the shelter she wouldn't eat.  When she met my husband, she quickly claimed him and growled at the shelter worker who tried to take her back to her cage.  Needless to say, she came home with my husband that Christmas Eve and ruled the pack with a fuzzy paw.  Sweetie was a beautiful yellow lab, confiscated by Gloucester Animal control.  Her "owner" was tried and convicted of animal cruelty for keeping her tied in the yard with no shelter, only rain water to drink, and just enough food to keep her alive.  When the wardens found her, they thought she was already dead.  She weighed just 32 pounds when they found her, and when we lost her to the Rainbow Bridge, she was nearly 75 pounds.  If any dog ever had and excuse to hate and mistrust, it was Sweetie.  Yet this deaf old girl was the happiest, best natured dog you could imagine and loved her bed by the fire.  When we were asked in October if we would consider giving her a nice retirement home, I honestly didn't think she's make it to Christmas.  She, like all of our rescues, amazed us and gave us three wonderful years of devotion.  Our latest adoptee, the grinning maniacal Corgi on this page, was only 10 months when her "owners" decided they weren't the Corgi type.  Now instead of sleeping in a barn and being afraid of the cows she lived with, she's adding a lot of life to our old pack!

Though we would like to take in every dog that needs help, we cannot, heartbreaking as it sometimes is.  We do what we can, but we have to rely on organizations like our wonderful SPCA to help the others.  On May 20th, the Library Lassies will be walking to raise money for the homeless dogs let down by the people in their lives.  Won't you please help us help them?  Let's show these pets that there are people who care and want every dog to have a forever home and a happy ending!

Please be as generous as you can.  Even the smallest amount will help a homeless dog and will be most gratefully appreciated!  And  when you're ready for a forever friend, contact your local shelter or rescue group.  There are countless dogs waiting for homes and a second chance.   Rescue dogs are the best - they seem to know what you've done for them and spend the rest of their lives thanking you! Can't you make a little room in your heart for someone who will love you forever?

Donating through this website is simple, fast and totally secure. It is also the most efficient way to support my fundraising efforts.

Many thanks for your support -- and don't forget to forward this to anyone who you think might want to donate too!
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Precious Pups
Mollie - my latest happy rescue!