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The Dokotoro Project

The Dokotoro Project

Thank you for visiting the Dokotoro Project's fundraising page and helping us to translate Where there is No Doctor into Bambara.

Many many thanks to all of our supporters and volunteers for your generosity during our six-week Have a Heart for Mali fundraising campaign. 

Drafts of the first two chapters we've translated are available for review on our website at

We appreciate donations of any size. We are a group of volunteers, so all donations will help pay our team of professional translators and editors in Mali. Here's an idea of how far your money will go:

$250: Printing and binding about sixteen books

$150: Translating, editing, proofreading, field testing, printing and binding for one page

$100: Per diems for Malian partners to review the book at a one-day workshop

$50: Translating and proofreading 1 ½ pages

By translating this book, we will make critical medical information available to the 11 million people in Mali, and in neighboring countries, who speak Bambara. This book can allow a neighbor to help a mother safely deliver her baby, a community health promoter to stitch up a wound of an injured worker, or a women’s group make a simple water filter that prevents the spread of diarrheal diseases.

Of course, Mali needs more doctors, but this book is based on the premise that ordinary people, provided with clear, simple information – in their own language-- can prevent and treat most common health problems in their own homes. This book is meant to empower people to take responsibility for their own health, and to promote health in their communities.

Please help us translate and print this book, and in doing so, join an effort that literally can help save lives.

To learn more about our project please visit:

This page is no longer accepting donations