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Jackson Jackalope Jump

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Don Carr's Fundraising Page

Hello all,                                                                                                                                      

Last spring I was talked into jumping in some icy water.  Some of you donated money to aid in the training and competition for Wyoming's Special Athletes and some of you paid money to see me turn into an ice cube, if for only about a minute or so.  Ha Ha!  Well, as they say "The time has come again!"  This saturday,  some of my same crazy friends along with a few new ones are bobbing for icicles.  Even if you can't throw in a few bucks, take a moment between 1 pm and 2pm (MST) on the 6th of March and think about a friend who is still a little gullible.  Hope everyone had a cozy winter,  Don (BRRRRRR) Carr     

 Oh yeah,  as promised last year, a picture will provided as proof of the plunge! 


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Don Carr's Fundraising Page
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