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49 Writers 2013 Write-a-thon

Anchorage, Alaska

Don Rearden's Page

Thanks for considering sponsoring me!

I'll try to make your donation worthwhile --- I'll write like mad for the Four hours and nine minutes, and all the proceeds go to 49 Writers, pretty much the coolest literary non-profit in the North!

Here are the Raven rewards for sponsoring me this year:

$5  ---- I'll send you a Raven's Gift postcard with the cover of the new US edition.

$10 --- I'll pre-order, your choice of the kindle or ibook edition of The Raven's Gift (e-delivered in June!)

$15 --- I'll pre-order a copy of the US edition of The Raven's Gift to be delivered to your home!

$25 --- Signed edition of the Canadian version of The Raven's Gift (mailed or delivered to you, depending upon where you live)

$50 ---Signed edition of the Australian version of The Raven's Gift

$75 ---You'll get both the Canadian edition and the Australian edition

$100 --- You guessed it, the classic triple threat. Can/Aus/US --- signed and delivered.

$150 --- But wait, there is more!!! Four Raven's Gift editions --- FOUR!  FRANCE, CANADA, US, AUSTRALIA!

$1000 --- I will mentor you on your next novel or screenplay this summer! All the proceeds go to to 49 Writers. We can iron out the details!




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