Donna Amendola's Page



Donna Amendola's Page

Thank you for visiting my fundraising page!  I am raising money in honor of my cancer journey and the special Heroes in my life - my mom and my wonderful family.  As many of you know, I had a routine mammogram in May 2012 and received my breast cancer diagnosis a few weeks later.  This led to a double mastectomy.  Because of my age and the fact that my dear mother lost her battle to pancreatic cancer at age 55, it was recommended that I see a genetic counselor.  I am grateful that my breast surgeon and my genetic counselor recommended that I have genetic testing as I ultimately tested positive for a BRCA2 mutation.  This led to a hysterectomy in September 2012.

Thankfully, I was given a FORCE brochure.  It was the information on the FORCE website that gave me the resources I needed to make informed decisions.  And, it is the place where I have met so many new friends.  Today we travel our journeys together because no one should face hereditary breast and ovarian cancer alone.

And, in addition to my brave and loving mother, I have three additional HEROES in my life - the three men who make every day better for me - my husband, Mark, and my sons, Connor and Cole. 

Please consider being a HERO to FORCE and donating to my fundraising page.  You will help ensure that others facing hereditary breast and ovarian cancer receive the same resources and support that I have.  Thank you so much!

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