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LA Marathon

LA Marathon

Many of you know that I've raised thousands of dollars for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society by doing several Ironmans, one of which with a broken shoulder! Pictured there -->

This time I am raising money for something very personal.  I suffered from Pulmonary Embolisms in August which have a 40 percent fatalty rate, but I was lucky to have been treated in time and I found out I had a genetic mutation called Factor V Leiden which affects how your blood clots.  

I am raising money for the National Blood Clot Alliance because I was misdignosed for three years.  Everytime I went to my Ortho with a swollen calf, which happened three times, they told me I just pulled a muscle and to stay off it.  I actually had a blood clot in my leg that was preventing blood flow.  I was lucky to have not gotten any PE's with the first two clots, I even did an Ironman with a blood clot unknowingly, scary to think about what could have happened.  But the third one traveled to my lungs, a potentially very fatal event.

If my doctors would have caught it three years ago, this never would have happened. Heavy D just died from PE's as well, he had a DVT in his leg from a long flight and didn't know it.  He probably just ignored it like i did.  There needs to be more research and education to the medical profession so they know what to look for.  I am still struggling with my doctors not having a long term plan to treat me.  The only option for treatment is Coumadin which I am resistent to and is a drug that is 50 years old, there needs to be other FDA approved drugs for blood clot treatment.

I didn't think I would be able to run or do anything really, for a very very long time, and anyone who knows me, knows that is basically a death sentence for me.  But I've found a way to begin running after being laid up for three months, mostly because my body won't give in that easliy. My time will be horrible but I don't care, I feel blessed that I'm still around to even run one mile.

So please help me raise money for the NBCA so they can help aid research!


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