Dorothea Boughdadly's Fundraising Page


Paws in the Park 2009

Escondido, California
Training buddies Max, Arnold, Seymour, Daisy, Steve & the cats

Dorothea Boughdadly's Fundraising Page

If you made it to this page you know how dedicated I am to helping animals.

The Escondido Humane Society needs more help than ever to help the animals suffering from lack of homes.  This economy has touched everyone, so to maximize your hard earned dollars I provide something you need or want to gift and the animals win by receiving the funds. The number at the top of this page gives you the proof that it's working.

I am  sewing cat, dog, people blankets, tote bags, toys etc. to sell with the profits going to the animals.  You can check out the stuff my friends and I make at it will take you a while to look at all the pages.  It took me months so sew it all, thank you Marie and Candy for your help.  I do custom orders, so if there is anything you can use let me know, it provides funding for more critter care.  $25.00 per day per animal is needed.  Maybe you can help too?

Thanks for passing this message on to your family and friends

With love from Dorothea and all critters


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Dorothea Boughdadly's Fundraising Page
Jesse, Stewie & Chico watching puppies