Edie Conekin-Tooze's Page


NMS Performathon 2012

New Haven, Connecticut

Edie Conekin-Tooze's Page

Dear Friends, Family, Neighbors and Music Lovers,
Hello! On March 31  I will be playing alto and soprano recorder in the New Haven Neighborhood Music School's performathon. I am playing in a trio  with my father, Adam Tooze, on flute and my teacher, Grace Feldman, on viola de gamba, as well as with the Advanced Baroque Ensemble.  I know you all get many requests for tax deductible donations. But, if you could manage one more of any size, it could make a real difference. New Haven is a very mixed place, as you know. And 15% of NMS students are reciving financial aid. They have had their state funding cut. They are relying on us more and more. Can you please help?
Thank you!
Best wishes, Edie

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