Ed Pullen's Tahoma Audubon Birdathon


Ed Pullen's Tahoma Audubon Birdathon

Ed Pullen's Tahoma Audubon Birdathon


Tahoma Audubon Society has a birdathon each year where member birders try to find as many species of birds in a 24 hour period and ask friends, relatives, and others interested to donate to TAS in support of their education and conservation programs.  TAS has terrific education programs for school age children, and is an important advocate for habitat preservation in Pierce County, WA.  

Each year I lead a trip for myself and others to find birds for their birdathon.  You can donate either on a "by species" pledge, or by donating a fixed amount for the event.  This year my good friend and mentor Ken Brown is going to join me on May 4-5th for the birdathon.  We will start locally in the Tacoma area, bird at Nisqually and enroute to Ocean Shores, stay overnight at Ocean Shores and be up early to find species there and on the way back home.  I expect to begin about 3 PM Friday and end exactly 24 hours later Saturday afternoon.

I am hoping for support from facebook friends, twitter followers and DrPullen.com readers to raise over $5,000. for this worthy cause.  It's easy to donate. You can donate here on First Giving by credit or debit card.  You can contact my by facebook , by direct message on Twitter @doctorpullen or using the contact form on DrPullen.com.  

I'll get things started by pledging $2./ species seen.  We expect over 100 species for the trip.

I'll post a trip report on DrPullen.com  and let anyone who asks how to find it if you don't follow the blog.

I'm excited.  Let's get off to a great start. 


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