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Ed Shinitzky's Page

Hello Family and Friends.

Many of you know that jogging is my passion, exploring the open roads wherever I might be in the world.

However, having vowed after running two Half Marathons in 2006 and 2007 any more distance events were to be a thing of my past, 
I would like to explain how I became committed to do something I have NEVER done before--participate in the Bank of America 2012 Chicago Marathon this coming October 7th!  

Colleen, a young woman whom I had met about 14 years ago when she was as a young teen age cancer patient while I was in my role of waterfront coordinator at Children's Oncology Services's (COSI) One Step At A Time Camp, was recently hired as our Special Events Coordinator.  Colleen approached me a couple of months ago, knowing my commitment to jogging.  Her question,  "Eddie, are you going to 'run' the Marathon for me?'.  I paused and then replied, "Colleen, I cannot tell you I will 'run' it for you, I will DO it for you! - but you have to be waiting at the finish line, with a lantern!".

I have waited to seek support from those who know of my 32 years as a volunteer and Board member, first while a part of the Ronald McDonald House Near Children's Memorial Hospital, and for the past 12 years in the same capacity, with COSI's One Step At A Time Camp Programs, www.onestepcamp.org , as an independent, self funding charity. 

Even more exciting is that COSI's One Step At A Time camp has been designated by Bank of America as a an affiliated marathon charity and a direct recipient of all supporters' contributions directed to TEAM ONE STEP and its currently registered 91+ participants. 

Why the wait in my request?  I wanted to be comfortable in undertaking training for the 26.2 miles, with some expectation of actually doing it to or close to completion!  I have just hit 14 miles fairly comfortably and am ready to go forth with your support.

I hope that you will support me, through the following link,  both with your good thoughts as well as making a donation, as I continue my training towards completing the 2012 Chicago Marathon on October 7th.  Do not hesitate to  forward this email onto any one whom you may feel would support COSI in our mission to benefit kids with cancer.
Thank you for your consideration.
Ed Shinitzky



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