Electa McHenry-Assaf and Stella Michel's Fundraising Page


14th Annual Cold Turkey Plunge

Nantucket, Massachusetts

Electa McHenry-Assaf and Stella Michel's Fundraising Page

Thank you for visiting our fundraising page! This is Stella's second year and Electa's third year and we have had a blast doing it each year! Thanks so much for all the support last year and we hope this year will be as fun, and exiting. Don't forget to donate, and forward this page to anyone else who might be intrested. Remember the money goes to an amazing cause! Thanks so much! 

The time has come again to bear the cold weather and jump into the ocean on Thanksgiving day! Stella and Electa are once again doing it again, and last year was such as success we hope this year is as amazing! Thanks for everyone who donated last year and I can’t wait for this year! This is Electa's third year doing it, and Stella's second. It is lots of fun for an amazing cause, we can't wait! It is a place that is giving the children and adults of the island a place to go during those cold winter months. If you did not already know this is supporting the library in Nantucket my most favorite place in the world which has provided us with so many amazing memories over the years!! But we a taking a plunge into the ocean brrrrrrr to support them!! I hope you donate it would really mean so much to us and everyone there!! Thanks in advance!! 


Thanks for all your support!

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