Running for Isabelle


PIT Mercedes Marathon 2010

Birmingham, Alabama
Training buddies Ellen and Nick

Running for Isabelle

Dear Friends and Family,

Well, it's official!  Nick and I are very excited to let you know that we are running the Mercedes Half Marathon on Feb. 14, 2010 in honor of our new friend, Isabelle!  We were fortunate enough to meet her this past weekend and will continue to keep in touch with her and her family throughout our journey of training!  Before we can ask for donations, we wanted to share a little about her condition, and so you will know why The Bell Center is such an important place for children like Isabelle to go and receive therapy.

"Isabelle was born August 1st of 2007. She was diagnosed with Larsen's Syndrome which is a connective tissue disorder mainly causing loose joints and joint dislocations. More specifically for Isabelle this caused her to be born with dislocated knees, hips, feet malformations, and an abnormal curve in her cervical spine. Her feet and knees were casted every week for two months after she was born to slowly straighten out her feet and to bend her knees the correct way. At six months old she underwent surgery to finish correcting one of her knees and both feet. She had her first spinal fusion in July of 2009 and a second in September of 2009.  She started at The Bell Center when she was six months old and thanks to the wonderful therapy she has received there she is currently able to stand and walk short distances with a walker."

Immediately meeting Isabelle, we knew how lucky we were to be running for her!  She is like any other two year old.  She LOVES Elmo, Red, Alabama football, and her classes at The Bell Center!  We are now asking for our friends and family to help us raise money for The Bell Center in honor of sweet Isabelle. 

You can read more about her on her mom's blog:

or you can see how our daily training is going on our blog:

No donation is too small, especially in these times.  We are asking our friends and family to try and donate $13.10 to represent the 13.1 miles that Nick and I will be running.  Our target is $5,000!  Remember, all the donations are tax-deductable!

You can also send a check made out to The Bell Center, and I will drop them off at The Bell Center. The check can be mailed to our address, and then we can can continue to drop them off at The Bell Center

Ellen Miles

3775 Glass Drive

Birmingham, AL 35223

Please feel free to e-mail us with any questions, and help us reach our goal!!!

Thank you,

Ellen and Nick Miles


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Running for Isabelle
Sweet Isabelle!!!