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Elyse Harris's Page

Hello Everyone, 

I can tell you about education in America, about the achievement gap, and about the low percentage of minority students who receive a bachelor’s degree. But everyone reading this knows those facts. What I really want to tell you about are the students I am helping not to be a statistic. I want to tell you about my students and how Citizen Schools is the step that will make a real difference in who they will be in the future. But how do I change their future?

I became a teaching fellow Fall 2010, it has been a long journey since then. Each day I think how can I make my lessons better, or how can I reach the students. There have been great days with "Ah Ha!" moments. There have been slow and stressful days where I feel as if I am pulling teeth trying to get a point across. But each day I show up to teach the students at this program. The reasons for me showing up and wanting to teach each day can fill several pages but mainly it is because the students bring me joy.

I find joy when we have team building time and we dance and sing at Club 007 (our classroom).

I find joy when a student runs up to me smiling with a progress report, assignment, or test grade that would make any teacher proud.

I find joy when I see my students wanting to help their teammate in a math concept in which they may be struggling.

I find joy when my students can barely sit in their seats when they know the answer to a question.

And I find joy in knowing that the time and energy that I and other Citizen Schools Teaching Fellows across the nation is being used to mold minds and helping to create knowledgeable, successful, and well rounded young citizens.

Please help make a difference and please help change a future. Please donate what you can to this impactful program.


Thank you,


National Teaching Fellow

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