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Emily Guez's Fundraising Page

Hello everyone and thank you for visiting my fundraising page!

On December 11th, I have pledged to meditate 24h straight as part of the EnlightenNext Meditation Marathon - an incredible fundraising event where hundreds of people will be meditating together around the globe. 

I am doing this is because EnlightenNext is extremely important to me; it’s a non-profit organization created by spiritual teacher Andrew Cohen with a group of people who have decided to create a new stage in culture, at its' most fundamental level: consciousness. I've always to change the world, and what I’ve come to realize is that policies can only go so far –that, in order for a true fundamental change to happen, we need to change the core of who we are and the basis for our shared lives. 

That's what I want to do with my life more than anything else, and the reason I meditate is so that, by sitting and letting go of everything, I find a deeper source of self that enables me to act in the world coming from a radically different, free place.

I'm incredibly excited to meditate for 24hours, something I've never done before, because the more I meditate, the more rooted I am in who I really am. It's my greatest source of confidence. After being in the unrooted chaos of college for the past few months, I am thrilled with this opportunity to keep going deeper and deeper with every hour! 

I will consider any donation you make an incredible holiday gift, but also a heartwarming gesture of support toward greater sanity, strength, freedom, and spirit in myself and the world!  I can't tell you how much your support would mean to me.

Lots of love!



EnlightenNext is a global 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and donations are tax-deductable to the extent allowable by law.


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