Emily Morrison's Fundraising Page

Neuroendocrine Tumor Research Foundation

Marine Corps Marathon

Washington, D.C., District of Columbia
Training buddies Eric Doust

Emily Morrison's Fundraising Page

Thank you for visiting my marathon fundraising page to help find a cure for carcinoid cancer!  I am running the Washington DC Marine Corps Marathon on October 31st with the Caring for Carcinoid Foundation.

I specifically chose this Foundation because of my boyfriend and partner of 5 years, Eric, was diagnosed with bronchial carcinoid cancer last year.  At the time, being 34 and a non-smoking, healthy male, it was hard to wrap our heads around the fact that he had a type of lung cancer.  But as we researched, carcinoid tumors can strike in different places in the human body.  A rare and slow-growing form of cancer, carcinoid tumors may develop anywhere in the body where neuroendocrine (hormone-producing) cells exist.  The cause of carcinoid tumors is still not well understood at this time, there is no way to prevent carcinoid tumors.  This is where you can help.

Donating money to this charity is a chance to have 100% of every dollar going to finding a cure.  In particular, in 2010, all funds raised will support the first large-scale genome study of carcinoid cancer.  Being currently unemployed, I fully understand the financial crunch people are in these days, so any spare change donated would mean the world to Eric and I.  We greatly appreciate it.

Thankfully Eric is cancer free, but we want to help those that are living with carcinoid cancer have the chance to be cancer free themselves.  Eric was extremely lucky that surgery took care of the tumor and it did not spread, but not everyone with carcinoid cancer is that lucky.  Family and friends and everyone battling cancer are in my hearts as I train for this marathon.  I hope that you'll share this life changing journey with us - by supporting me in my fundraising efforts.  Eric's fundraising page is:  www.firstgiving.com/ericdoust

Thank you in advance for your generosity!

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