Emily Levine's Esperanza 5K Page


Safe Passage Esperanza 5K

Cumberland, Maine

Emily Levine's Esperanza 5K Page

Thanks for visiting my Esperanza 5K page!

I will be running in the Safe Passage Esperanza 5K in support of the nearly 600 students who are participating in Safe Passage's educational reinforcement program this year. Thanks to Safe Passage, these children have a safe place to go to study, get nutritional support, and build the skills they need to create a future for themselves outside of the shadow of the Guatemala City garbage dump. And your gift can support them in this effort!

If that's not enough to inspire you, I am having an informal competition with my co-worker - a Williams grad (boo!) - to see which of us can raise the most money in support of the race's goals.

Help me beat her - when I raise more money than she does, she will have to run the race in a polar bear suit! (If she raises more money, I have to run the race in a cow outfit. I think we can all agree, this is not a desired outcome.)

It's a win-win! You help the students of Safe Passage, and you put the smack-down on Williams - what could be better?


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