Guess My Breed, Enzo the Sato

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Guess My Breed, Enzo the Sato

Guess My Breed, Enzo the Sato

Guess My Breed - Enzo the Sato

Enzo is a sato - sato means "Puerto Rican street dog". Not too long ago, Enzo was a stray on the streets of Puerto Rico. Some big hearted people saved him, and Save a Sato shelter took him in.

Enzo spent 5 months at Save a Sato, waiting for a family, waiting for a home, just waiting.....

In late October 2011, we (Piña family) met and fell in love with Enzo the Sato. His past is a mystery. How did he end up on the street? Why was this fabulous dog a sato? These are questions we will never have answers to. One thing we can find out is what is Enzo's breed.

Through the advancement in science and technology we can now know what is Enzo's canine bloodlines! Enzo recently had a DNA test done at his vet office. The test is called the Wisdom Panel. This DNA test detects 225+ dog breeds - check out the list here.

This fundraiser is a "contest" to guess Enzo the Sato's breed!

Check out Enzo's  blog at to see lots of pictures of him, and read about his personality.

Here is a synopsis of Enzo (as of December 1, 2011)

Weight: 60lbs (underweight)
Height: 24" (from shoulder to floor)
Length: ~35" from nose to base of tail.
Age: 2 yrs old.

Personality: goofy, energetic, playful, clumsy, curious, mouthy, shifty, inquisitive, like other dogs and likes cats.

Here is an example of what the Wisdom Panel reults report looks like. As you see multiple breeds are listed! If you feel confident Enzo is just one or two breeds then guess those, but he may be a mix of 6, 7, 8 breeds!!!

If you have questions about Enzo feel free to send messages to

How to Guess:

Make a $5 per guess donation on this webpage via firstgiving. The money goes directly to Save a Sato

When you make your donation, make sure to enter your guess in the comment field*! Your name and guess will be made public and others will read you guess. If you would like to make multiple guesses make sure you are donating at least $5 per guess, and then number your guesses in the comment field; Guess #1, Guess #2, Guess #3, etc.

The comment field on Firstgiving only allows 50 characters - if you will have more than 50 characters for your guess please post it on the blog page - don't forget to include your name in the comment on the blog page!

An example of some guesses:
Guess #1: Belgian Malinois, Poodle and Chow Chow
Guess #2: German Shepherd, Great Dane, Pug, Rottweiler, Vizsla, Weimaraner

Contest Rules:

-Enzo's veterinarian, and the entire staff at his veterinarian office are disqualified from participating.
-If there are multiple correct guesses the first one posted (either on the page or the blog entry) wins. Guess early!
-Each guess can not contain more than 8 breeds listed.
-There will be two winners: the two correct or the two closest, or the correct and the closest guess. 
-Each guess costs $5. Feel free to donate more, but $5 is the minimum per guess. You can guess as often as you want, as long as you pay $5 per guess.
-The winners will win a Save a Sato t-shirt and a Enzo the Sato "pawtograph"! 
- Last day to guess is December 31, 2011.

All the money goes directly to Save a Sato and is tax-deductible! Please take advantage of this end-of-the-year donating opporunity for your taxes!

***The results are in, click here for the results!***



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