Amanda Geller & Dan J. Roberts

Marriage Equality USA

Amanda Geller & Dan J. Roberts

Celebrating the wedding of Amanda Geller & Dan J. Roberts

Amanda Geller & Dan J. Roberts

We are so excited for our wedding, and to start life together as husband and wife. However, we are saddened that in some parts of the country, many loving couples are denied the right to marry. Marriage is not only a celebration of love and commitment, civil marriage is a basic civil right, providing a gateway to over 1,000 federal protections, responsibilities, and benefits, as well as many more provided by the states.

We would be honored if our friends and family would support Marriage Equality USA on the occasion of our wedding!

Amanda & Dan


Wedding Date: July 13, 2014

Registry Closes: December 11, 2014

Please note: all donors names will be forwarded to the celebratory couple after their ceremony.

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