Heather & Robbie

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Heather & Robbie

Celebrating the wedding of Heather & Robbie

Heather & Robbie

Robbie and Heather found one another ten years ago, destined to meet through a shared love of social action, theater, and activism. Holding hands one day in workshop demonstration meant to highlight the injustice of homophobia, taught them something greater than that day's lesson: that there was a *spark* there, that would one day lead them down the "aisle".

Never could they have imagined despite the diversity workshops they led, the dialogues they held, the love their union stood for, that one day that love would be recognized legally by the State of New York.

We wish to honor the countless hearts, phone calls to Senators and supporters, and picketers that made the NYS Marriage Equality bill possible. In the struggle for peace and justice, the same principles of love, commitment, and togetherness are at heart. We look forward to celebrating the beauty in the every day, seeking compassion for others, and the joy in making things a little bit better for us all and are encouraging our friends and family to donate to this very special cause.


Wedding Date: April 28, 2012

Registry Closes: July 22, 2012

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