David Lai & David Millard

Marriage Equality USA

David Lai & David Millard

Celebrating the wedding of David Lai & David Millard

David Lai & David Millard

Dear Friends and Family,

Thank you for your consideration to support marriage equality.

We are excited to be celebrating our love for one another for the second time, and happy that you are celebrating with us. We married in 2004 at Burning Man to declare our love before our family and friends. We are getting married the second time to claim our civil rights.

As you know, it wasn't even possible for us to be married in the State of California until recently, and some of the groundwork that made that possible was through Marriage Equality USA, a nearly 100% volunteer-driven national organization.

We want all of our brothers and sisters--in all states--to be able to one day enjoy the right to legally marry. Thank you!

David & David

Wedding Date: December 14, 2013
Registry Closes: September 25, 2014

Please note: all donors names will be forwarded to the celebratory couple after their ceremony.

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