Jeff Tabaco & Thom Watson

Marriage Equality USA

Jeff Tabaco & Thom Watson

Celebrating the wedding of Jeff Tabaco & Thom Watson

Jeff Tabaco & Thom Watson

Your presence at the celebration of our marriage is the greatest gift we could receive. In lieu of any gifts directly to us, we ask rather that you consider making a tax-deductible donation to an organization particularly close to our hearts.

Marriage Equality USA is a volunteer organization that has played a vital role in helping restore the freedom to marry in California and in bringing marriage equality to twelve other states and the District of Columbia. MEUSA is uniquely engaged in helping same-sex couples like us be our own best advocates for equality, share our own stories about what marriage means, and change hearts and minds through direct personal engagement.

We now will enjoy the societal recognition for our love and commitment that marriage uniquely provides, as well as full access to the federal and state protections and responsibilities that civil marriage accords. But while we are celebrating our legal marriage here at home in California, our brothers and sisters in 37 states still are denied access to those same protections. They still are denied access to an institution the U.S. Supreme Court fourteen times has called “a fundamental right for all individuals.”

Marriage Equality USA is working hard to ensure that one day soon every American will be free to marry the person he or she loves, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.

Thank you for helping to make that possible with your donation to Marriage Equality USA.


Thom and Jeff


Wedding Date: September 26, 2013

Registry Closes: August 23, 2014

Please note: all donors names and email addresses will be forwarded to the celebratory couple after their ceremony.

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