St. Louis Rock N' Roll Marathon

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St. Louis Rock N' Roll Marathon

Training buddies Kelly Barb

St. Louis Rock N' Roll Marathon

On October 23, 2011, Kelly and I willl be running in the St. Louis Rock N' Roll Marathon.

When Kelly and I decided to run this marathon, we knew that we had to "run with a purpose" ... This year we are running for our friends Amber and Vernon and their ministry "His Voice Global." We love this young couple and the impact that they are making in the lives of orphans and widows across the globe.

Currently they are raising funds to build their 4th orphanage.  Here is an article they recently posted:

"We have the floor plan for the 4th Orphanage buildings!
The plan is to build 4 of these buildings and then maybe a 5th later on.
Each of the buildings will have the capacity to house up to 20 orphans and 2 mothers.

Each building will be $30,000.00 to build.

If we count each space/hallway as a room, that gives us 15 rooms. If we break it down it cost just $2,000 per. room.

We think it would be brilliant if families, small groups, sunday school classes and church communities took on the task of paying for either one room or one building.

This project is something that will truly give life to 22 people. If we have 13 groups/families to give just one room, we will have one building of our fourth orphanage completely paid for.

Consider another break down:

Each person, widow or orphan will live in this place till they grow up and out or move on and then someone else will take their place. The cost of this building is a one time cost and is self-sustained by a buisness already set-up and running by our partner-ship church in Sudan. When we break it down, it literally cost $1,800.00 per widow and orphan to not only build this building, but to give discipleship, clothes, food and school, for generations to come."

So, friends, what do you say to giving hope?  Would you consider helping us get to the $1800 or $2000 mark?

James 1:27

"Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world."

Would you consider supporting us in my run to raise money for His Voice?


Information on His Voice:


The Beginning and the Goal


Vernon and Amber Burger have partnered with an incredible church in Southern Sudan called Evangelical Presbyterian Church (no affiliation with EPC in America). EPC is an indigenous church start led by Bishop Elias Taban, who is assisted by his wife Anngrace.

Our goal is to strengthen the local church by promoting the reality of God's holistic vision to reach people. When Vernon went to Sudan and listened to Bishop Taban's vision for orphans, it was captivating. So we partnered with EPC in their vision to carry out the orphanage ministry with a 100% indigenous staff. It has been very important to us that the Sudanese would recognize the power of the local indigenous church. One of the failures of the West has been to go over and run things in such a way that the local people become dependent on the West for vision, constant financial assistance, etc. Many Sudanese have been hurt by this approach. We have looked to see how we could cast vision with Bishop Taban and Anngrace in such a way that we would all benefit from mutual discipleship. One of our prayers is that this ministry will be a testimony to all that when we take time to go and listen to the local people's vision for their own churches and communites, many more goals can be accomplished in more effective ways.


A goal from the beginning was that a local church in the States would partner with the local church in Sudan (Evangelical Presbyterian Church).
At the time, Vernon was on staff at Stonegate Fellowship (SGF) in Midland, Texas. His desire was to begin the process of facilitating a partnership between SGF and EPC. He started by accepting donations from many generous individuals, churches, and companies. After the funds were raised independently, SGF graciously decided to take on the daily operations cost of the Morobo orphanage (see below) and to help provide training and other supplies. When Vernon stepped down from his position at SGF in 2006 to return to school, the money he had raised was transferred to SGF in order to help with ongoing costs. It has been incredible to see a local church step up and take on such a task. We pray that many more churches will be encouraged by the example of Stonegate.

Vernon and Amber served under the umbrella of Basic Ministries for two years. Basic Ministries has been working in Sudan and partnered with EPC since 2001. This ministry has the like-minded goal of strengthening the local church. In order to work towards this, we are training the Sudanese people in farming, business and in the Bible. This will allow them to learn trades, grow produce and earn money so they can someday support themselves.

His Voice for Sudan is incorporated and works under the 501c3 (non-profit) status.

The Orphanages

The first orphanage was built in a village called Morobo, Sudan. It began with 48 orphans, 12 widows (to care for the children), 1 pastor, 1 guard, and 1 farmer. It has grown to 72 orphans, 14 widows, 3 cooks, 1 pastor, 1 guard, and 1 farmer. This is the first time in the lives of these children that they are able to eat 3 meals a day on a consistent basis. It has now grown to 97 orphans and 42 workers, 14 widows, and 4 cooks. On the Orphanage grounds there is a school. Education is a large part of the orphanage. The school is for the orphans and also the local children. This has been such a great outreach. There are currently over 200 children in the school.

Along with the school, there is a Church. The children attend the Church and are overseen throughout the week by a pastor. This has also been a great outreach to the community. During the week the church is a place where people can come from Congo, Uganda and from all over Sudan to be trained in the Bible. This facility also has a medical clinic to meet the needs of the children and a water well.

The land for the second orphanage was purchased in December 2006 in Lura, Sudan. It was built and children moved in shortly there after. It is now the home of 107 orphans and 42 workers , 14 widows, 4 cooks, 1pastor, 1 guard and 1 farmer. This facility also has a school for the orphans and the local children. Lura Orphanage also has a church, a medical clinic and a water well.

A third orphanage and school has also been built. This orphanage was built in order to form a Secondary School. Both of the Primary School orphanages feed into this orphanage, so that when the children complete the proper education they will move into this orphanage.

We are currently trying to raise money for a fourth orphanage. Our goal of $100K for a truck, which the profits completely sustain the orphanage financially forever, has been met! Now we are focused on raising $125K for the building costs. This amount will build an orphanage for 100 orphans, a school for the orphans and 110 other village children, a medical clinic, a church, and a freshwater well. All of our land is given to us as a gift from the President of South Sudan, which has been an incredible blessing.



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