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Steven's Seizure Monkeys

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Steven was diagnosed at age 6 mos with Epilepsy

Over the years we have tried all the medication options available to him, for his type of seizures and 2 weeks prior to his 4th birthday, in May of 2011 Steven underwent surgery to have a VNS implanted in the hopes that he could finally start to get some relief.

In the summer of 2016 Steven had his VNS removed because it was causing his blood pressure to drop and him to pass out. During his surgery, one of his vocal cords was paralyzed and he now sees a voice therapist to get his voice strong again and to work on getting the vocal cord moving.

Steven is still suffering from migraines, and lately then have been increasing in frequency and intensity. They cause him to vomit and to shows signs of secondary seizures and they exhaust him to the point of sleeping for hours on end.

He still has to have both Speech and Behavioral Therapy at school so that he is able to function with the demands that are placed on him.

We are happy to report that despite all his struggles he has still been able to play in soccer. We are very proud of the way he pushes himself daily.

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Thank You, Steve, Erica, Steven Jr, Travis and Olivia

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