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Erika Nestor's Page

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On August 26th, the forth annual HowardCenter Zoe's Race at Oakledge Park in Burlington, Vermont, will help raise money for families who receive support from HowardCenter who need to renovate their homes to make them accessible for their children.

In 2009, Erika Nestor, mother of seven-year-old Zoe, worked with HowardCenter to organize a fundraiser in her daughter’s honor. When Zoe was about 18-months-old, she nearly drowned. The accident left her very disabled and in a wheelchair.

When Erika and her family began to renovate their home for Zoe, they found that making their home accessible was more expensive than they had imagined. They were equally surprised that there was no state or federal money available to help them financially. For families that have children in wheelchairs, homes with stairs, small doorways and bathrooms, and other structural barriers make every day more challenging than it may already be.

Since 2009, HowardCenter's Zoe’s Race has raised money to help 7 families with children served by HowardCenter Developmental Disabilities who needed assistance to make their homes accessible.

Your participation in this fundraiser will make a priceless difference in a family’s ability to meet the daily needs of their child in their home.

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