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Erin Acklin's Fundraising Page

I have started this page in order to help raise money for my goddaughter Emily and other children like her who suffer from the monster cancer.

Emily is 7 now, but at 2 1/2 years old we learned that she had a brain tumor. It came from out of the blue and not even a week after learning she had it emily was having brain surgery. They got most of it out but to this day she still has some in her head and is dealing with it. She is the most amazing little girl. When she was in the hospital, just recently, my friend Carol (her mom) was telling me how she was comforting her older sister that she will be fine and not to worry. She is very young but from the beginning has understood what is going on. My picture was taken in 2009 at her uncles wedding, it is typical Emily, happy & funloving. We are so happy that she is still with us and i can"t wait to see the day that we beat this monster.

The monster kills more children than any other childhood cancer.  These children don't have to die.  We need more research, and to do that we need people like you. over 9 kids per day get this terrible diagnoises. Once a child is diagnosed with a brain tumor, their lifes and the family around them will forever change.  For example Emily has to go to Physical therapy at least once if not to twice a week.  She still vomits almost 3 times a week.  She is tired a lot, and at times has a trouble understanding, and a little memory lost. She also has some other side affects,  We are still looking to see if Emily's has gotten another tumor, and if she does, then again we will be asking the foundation for help!   Every child has to do repeat MRI for the rest of their lives.

I never could have imagined when i was at the hospital holding her the day after she was born, looking into her big blue eyes what we would all have to face in just a few short years. From the moment we found out about the brian tumor and especially in the first weeks after her surgery we were unsure if Emily was going to make it. She had some "weird stuff" going on that now, may be just how her brian has rewired itself, we are still unsure but the doctors are trying to figure it out. Emily is such a wonderful child who (to quote a friend who just met her for the first time) has an amazing spirit. I wish you could ALL meet her! I am so proud to be her godmother, she is everything i could ask for and more.

Emily is doing really well and to meet her you would never know that there is that terrible tumor growing in her head, but it IS there.

please donate, even just $5, to help PBTF with their search for the cure.

One thing that is special about this ride, is the "stars".  The stars are children who have or had a monster and is beating the odds.  Emily is looking forward to riding in the ride via a side car, again, she LOVED it last year!   So please help us to help the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation, by donating today.  Any amount big or small will be greatly appreciated.  And remember it is tax deductible!  Together we can beat this monster so no more kids have to become "angels".

Erin Acklin

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Erin Acklin's Fundraising Page
My Goddaughter Emily