Erin Magarian's 2015 Providence Half Marathon Running For Rare Diseases Team


2015 Running for Rare Diseases Team!

Boston, Massachusetts

Erin Magarian's 2015 Providence Half Marathon Running For Rare Diseases Team

In the past I have spoken of trying to achieve this goal many times and this year I have decided to finally complete my first half marathon with the Running for Rare Diseases Marathon Team. Together we will be either running the Boston Marathon or the Providence Full or Half Marathon.

I am very excited to achieve this goal for myself and to raise money for this cause. Even having worked for Genzyme for many years now I still am very moved by how the medications we make have such an impact on the patients that need them. The medications we produce though only help a small portion of all the people affected by rare diseases. The money we will be raising is going to help those patients many ways. Whether it is helping them with finding out their diagnosis or to support research and hopefully find cures for other diseases that are currently not available. As you can imagine Rare Diseases do not affect a large population and therefore there are fewer resources available to complete this work.

On May 3rd I will not only be running for  my own personnel goals but also for the patients and their families that are affected.

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