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Fiona's Canadian Fundraising Page

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I'm Fiona (on the left).   I'm ten years old and I know together we can change the world.  Doing hard things, isn't so hard, if you're doing them with someone else and for someone else.  So my sister Rae and my Mom and I are going to climb Mount Kilamangaro in February, to raise money to create sustainable communities in Africa.  Please support our drive to get 1000 people to each donate at least $10. 

Kimmie Weeks inspired me to do this.  If you don't know who Kimmie is, please look him up on Youtube.  He's a child survivor of the war in Liberia and the founder of Youth Action International.  Youth Action International is a network of young international leaders who are defining a new approach to delivering humanitarian aid. YAI educates and empowers youth by building schools and vocational training centers, making micro-loans to young entrepreneurs, creating opportunities, and trying to help rebuild communities and lives in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Uganda.  They also help rescue child soldiers from some of the worst existences imaginable.

The Hour Hands Campaign is a global initiative to reclaim the horrific and brutal hours that the people of Liberia, Sierra Leone and Uganda spent in the midst of civil war. These wars lasted decades—the entire lives of a generation of young people. Each second of these hours was filled with violence, brutality, fear, and hardship. Innocent women and children were sexually assaulted…men were dismembered and mutilated… communities were torn apart by war.

Through the campaign, YAI is trying to raise $150,000 by December 24th to begin the task of reclaiming the hours of freedom, peace of mind, and security lost by the victims of these civil wars. This date marks the 20th anniversary of the beginning of the Liberian civil war.

You can help me with my goal. Donate the value of an hour of your time to reclaim an hour lost to civil war. Every “hour” you donate will represent one hour you have reclaimed for the future of a war-torn community. Let’s put HOUR HANDS together and reclaim the hours lost to the ravages of war.

Help me turn back the hands of time by contributing to YAI through the Hour Hands Campaign. The clock is ticking…

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Fiona's Canadian Fundraising Page
Fiona, Teresa and Rae