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Manhattan Beach , California
In memory of Alfred 'Fritz' Hall

Fritz Hall Legacy Fund

Alfred B. ‘Fritz’ Hall
October 3, 1941 - March 17, 2013

A strong work ethic and business sense, crazy practical jokes and fun-loving spirit are just some of the characteristics of Fritz that will be deeply cherished and missed.  In addition to his passion for boating and 'Crystal-Lake living', Fritz lived and breathed for Benton Foundry, Inc. where he served as President for more than 37 years. 

His tremendous foresight not only resulted in him being a leader in the metalcasting industry, but also led to the development of Benton Foundry’s on-site Discovery Center… a place to explore and learn about the trade.

Fritz was known for making ‘big waves’ at the Lake, whipping adventurous passengers behind the boat on the inner tube, attracting dolphins in Cape Coral, riding his tractor… and adding a lot of magic into the lives of those he touched – especially the lives of his grandchildren.

He will sadly be missed and will FOREVER be loved. 


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