Give It Back - 2009 - Recession Edition


Give It Back - 2009 - Recession Edition

Give It Back - 2009 - Recession Edition

"Make no little plans.  They have no magic to stir men's hearts."

Give it Back 2009 is breaking all the rules.  We've been told...the economy is down, no one can afford to give to charities this year.  We've been told...don't even ask, we don't want to embarass people who aren't in a position to give.  We've been not even try.  Wow, when I heard that last one I knew we had to do this. 

Habitat for Humanity is making an impact in Durham and around the world.  And the need for quality, affordable homes does not diminish when the stock market goes down.  In fact, the need is greater than ever. 

This year the usual suspects are not going to pull off BIG donations to Habitat...the homebuilders are fighting for survvival, our suppliers and trades are busy fighting over a much smaller amount of work, and even some of the local foundations who have supported Habitat in the past have had to postpone or cancel grants. 

I'm asking each of you to give...just a small amount.  $25, $50, $75, or $100.  Of course, more would be great.  But I have this crazy idea that a whole bunch of small donations are going to add up to BIG money this summer.  Give from your heart, give what you can, and know that with your help two more families will realize their dream of homeownership in Durham. 

Please know that the amount of your donation WILL NOT be public, but we would like to celebrate YOU and your participation by listing you as a contributor.  If you would prefer to donate anonomously, please let me know.

Thank you!  Thank you!  People say we are crazy to shoot for $100k this summer.  I say it's just the beginning.  Rock on.  |JG

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Give It Back - 2009 - Recession Edition
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