Jake & Kara Gehret's Covering Campaign Team


Covering Campaign 2012

Jake & Kara Gehret's Covering Campaign Team

There are an estimated 300,000 children (or more) who are currently being trafficked ...sold for sex... and are being manipulated into a lifestyle of addiction and abuse in the U.S.

The average age girls are forced into prostitution is THIRTEEN.


These girls don't get to have dance parties to Justin Beiber, have sleep overs at their girlfriend's homes, run around and act silly, pass notes in class, or talk to their girlfriends about their crush at school. They don't get to play sports, or ride horses, or other normal teenage girl stuff. They don't get to buy their first dress for a dance or be a cheerleader.

They don't get to be a normal thirteen year old girl.

They get to be sex slaves.

There currently only  around 100 BEDS to provide rescue to these girls in the ENTIRE country. 300,000+ girls being trafficked, 300,000 modern-day slaves, 300,000 little girls being forced to have sex with older men and there are only ONE HUNDRED beds to accommodate their rescue.

There is obviously a huge problem.

The Covering House seeks to provide a place of refuge and restoration for girls under the age of 18 who have experienced sexual trafficking or sexual exploitation. 

They need a house. 

Could you donate $20.12 (or more) to help purchase a home and provide restoration for these girls in St. Louis? 

That's exactly what we need from you. 

Come on Team Gehret, let's do this!

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