The Gelder Kids


27th Annual Ski-A-Thon

Newry, Maine

The Gelder Kids

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Devki was born in India and had a shaky start to life. Adopted at 16 months old, she arrived to our home with significant challenges. Malnutrition had left her unable to sit or crawl or barely lift her head, and her hair was dry and falling out in patches. She had behaviors and emotional distress from being severely institutionalized. She is legally blind with optic atrophy (likely due to prenatal malnutrition) and also has mild cerebral palsy. In addition, she has lifelong health challenges.

Does any of this hold her back?! Definitely NOT! She is bright, spunky, funny, and full of spirited goodwill for all! And… She has also LOVED participating in the Maine Adaptive Sports program. Last summer ('11), she went to a week-long sports camp for the blind and visually impaired, where she became the fencing champ! She also did skateboarding, swimming, bowling, rock-wall climbing, and a kickball-type game called goalball. Her self-esteem and confidence soared!

Last winter she also tried downhill skiing for the first time, and can't wait to hit the slopes again this winter. That's why the five of us Gelder kids are participating together in this skiathon - so we can provide opportunities for kids just like Devki.

This sort of programming is available to Devki and other children thanks to the generous support of the Maine Adaptive Sports program, and that is made possible through everyday folks like you! Any little bit can help to bring smiles, confidence and physical fitness to all children. Thank you!


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