I'm Running For Reverend Dr. Dad


I'm Running For Reverend Dr. Dad

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I'm Running For Reverend Dr. Dad

UPDATE 01/10/07:

Abby & I successfully completed the marathon! What an incredible experience! Read all about it on our training blog:  http://readysetrun.blogspot.com/

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT! Abby and I were able to raise more than $4,200.00 for PanCAN!

Now, we are resting our sore muscles and looking forward to what comes next!



"Hey Dad," I'd say, "How's it going?"

"Nahokata!" He'd reply - which I think translates to "OK! Great!"

I remember a million little things like that about my Dad. I remember the day he tried to teach me how to tie my shoes (I managed to scruntch them into a sad little wad.) I remember him playing "Red Light/Green Light" on the lawn with me and my brother. I remember piling into my parent's bed one Saturday morning, and Dad said, "Let's go to the beach!" (the beach was 5 hours away!)  I remember when I was 12, I asked Dad to help me put a gold chain around my neck one Sunday before church; he got suddenly embarrassed and sweet, all fumble-fingers, trying to help his not-so-little girl with her necklace...

3 years ago, after Dad was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, we used to take turns mowing the lawn. He was tired from his chemo and radiation, but he insisted on helping. He'd take a turn around the yard, and then, while I was taking my turn, he'd lie in the grass, under the shade of an old maple tree, and close his eyes. I've done that myself, several times since then, and it's a peaceful thing - the whispering breeze, the dappled light through the leaves, smell of fresh cut grass, song of birds. I imagine he was praying, and I imagine it was the kind of prayer I understand - a prayer of gratitude for the beauty of this world, for the grace of love, for the kindness of people, for the connectedness of all things.

The Reverend Dr. Dad, Gordon Grimes, died November 24, 2003 after living with pancreatic cancer  - really living - for one glorious year. I love my Dad, and I miss him, and to remember him and to honor him, I have set two goals for myself.

September 3, 2006: I am running the Rock and Roll Half-Marathon in Virginia Beach. This is part of my training for my final event, which is:

January 7, 2007: I am running the Marathon at Disney World.

I am not a runner. I am not an athlete at all. Before Dad got sick, I waited for things to come to me, and I lamented the person I couldn't be. But since Dad died, I have tried to listen to my heart and take care of myself. The journey I started over 2 years ago has led me here - outside my comfort zone - to a place where I believe I can choose to be, and do, whatever I want in this world. And right now, I want nothing more than to make my Dad proud, and help PanCan in the push to find early detetection and better treatment methods for pancreatic cancer.

I hope you'll help me by donating whatever you can ! The Reverend Dr. Dad would have been humbled by your support, and so am I. Thank you.

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I'm Running For Reverend Dr. Dad
The Reverend & Mrs. Dr. Dad