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Africa-America Institute

Promoting enlightened engagement between Africa and America through education, training, and dialogue… ONE dollar at a time! 

About The Program

The Africa-America Institute (AAI) was founded in 1953 to help Africans build human capacity through education and training programs. Today, AAI continues to pursue this vision through a portfolio of programs aimed at both educating Africans and raising the profile of African perspectives to educate Americans about Africa.

For over fifty years, AAI’s African Higher Education and Training programs have provided university, graduate-level, and professional training scholarship programs for Africans in critical fields, including health, education and technology, business, public administration, and finance. AAI’s Education, Outreach, and Policy Programs have created opportunities for policymakers, business executives, government officials, and opinion leaders from Africa and the United States to gain a more complete understanding of each other and to explore, debate, and work collaboratively on issues of mutual interest.

To date, over 23,000 individuals from Africa and the United States have benefited from AAI’s education and policy programs.

African Higher Education & Training (AHET) 

Under this program AAI administers short- and long-term graduate education and professional training programs for Africans. Current participants of AAI programs study at institutions in Africa, Europe, Latin America, and the United States. Approximately 90% of the alumni from AAI programs have returned to live and work in Africa to make vital contributions to the continent's development at the local, national, and pan-African levels.

AAI's AHET Programs Are Helping:

- Enlarge Africa's pool of competent, responsive, and representative leaders.

- Extend Africa's capacity to produce information, ideas, and products that attract American and other global trade partners.

- Strengthen the institutional infrastructure needed to combat AIDS and other diseases.

- Design and implement dynamic systems of higher education and life-long learning opportunities beyond formal schooling.  

Educational Outreach & Policy (EOP)  

Through symposia, study tours, exchange programs, and online discussion forums, AAI’s EOP program provides opportunities for U.S. and Africa engagement in key sectors, and also seeks to provide a platform for African perspectives which help shape and inform U.S. polices towards Africa.

As A Result Of AAI's EOP Programs:

- Africa's rich diversity and resource potential are understood.

- There is a deeper appreciation of Africa's importance to U.S. national interests.

- Public demand for national policy fosters close and mutually beneficial ties with African countries, especially in the areas of trade, economic development, and education. 

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