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I’m super excited to let you know that my friend, Bobbi Deporter, founder of Learning Forum International, has set a stunning goal of reaching 50 million kids by 2015, and suddenly… it’s happening! She’s dedicated 27 years to her “overnight success”! Lots of amazing people are now seeing what she’s done and are getting behind her non-denominational, real world, results-proven “8 Keys of Excellence Character Education Program”! Your help would also make a FANTASTIC difference!

~Mike Dooley  


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Learning Forum International

Making Great Kids Greater… ONE Dollar at a TIME!

Learning Forum International is a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational corporation founded in 1989 and headquartered in Oceanside, California.

LFI secures funding from individuals, foundations, and corporations to provide Quantum Learning® professional and student development programs for teachers, school administrators and students, and individual student scholarships to SuperCamp learning and life skills summer programs.

Through Learning Forum International, educators, parents, alumni and other supporters of youth development come together to make a difference for kids with great promise and limited resources, empowering them with greater self esteem, highly effective academic and learning skills, and a desire to achieve.

Learning Forum International (LFI) endeavors to secure funding for the following Quantum Learning programs:

- The Excellence Effect, 8 Keys of Excellence - Family and school programs

- SuperCamp Scholarships - Learning and life skills summer programs for teens

- Quantum Learning for Teachers and Students - Enrichment programs



The Excellence Effect - 8 Keys Family & School programs

The Excellence Effect is a character education program that guides young people toward a positive future full of confidence, motivation, creativity, team work, leadership and valuable life principles. The school program provides K-12 teachers with a full year of character education lesson plans, online resources, training and support. The family program gives parents a simple and engaging eight-week action plan for establishing core character principles in their kids, strengthening family relationships, and deepening the feeling of belonging, safety, and connectedness.

SuperCamp Scholarships

SuperCamp is a 7-10 day summer enrichment program for students entering 6th grade through College. Using Quantam Learning methodologies, SuperCamp provides participants with important academic life skills. Over 60,000 students have graduated from SuperCamp worldwide in its first 27 years. SuperCamp has held an average of 8 colleges or more each summer and in several other countries around the world!

An independent study with over 6,000 SuperCamp graduates found that 73% of graduates improved their grades, 81% developed more confidence, 68% increased their motivation, 84% gained greater self-esteem and 98% continued to use the skills they learned.

Quantum Learning for Teachers & Students

Donations have sent many teachers to Quantum Learning for Teacher trainings. After training, most teachers report that their passion for teaching has reignited and they remember why they became a teacher in the first place – to inspire excellence in kids and engage them in reaching their full potential. Specific instruction includes steps for building a strong foundation, a positive atmosphere of rapport and respect, and a supportive environment. The training also includes techniques for improving presentation skills, designing engaging lessons, and identifying and reaching all types of learners. Educators learn strategies for effective classroom management, accelerating learning, making content more meaningful, and supporting standards-based curriculum.


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 "To find out how much you've truly been blessed with in terms of love, time, energy, talent, joy, abundance, confidence, intelligence, wit, or any other quality, substance, or dispensation...give of them. Then you'll know what boundless really means."

~The Universe


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