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Innovative solutions to global poverty...

Unitus, an international nonprofit organization, fights global poverty by accelerating the growth of microfinance (small loans and other financial tools for self-empowerment) where it is needed most.

Unitus is not your traditional nonprofit. Beyond on-the-ground microfinance expertise, they bring executive experience from banking, technology, and corporate consulting backgrounds to employ market-driven solutions to age-old problems of financial exclusion and poverty. Their model focuses on seeking out and partnering with young, high-potential microfinance institutions (small banking organizations that serve the poor, often called MFIs), helping them build capacity, attract capital, and achieve rapid, sustainable growth.

For millions of families in need, microfinance offers the hope for a successful small business, increased economic stability, better healthcare and housing, the opportunity for education, and ultimately, the possibility of self-sufficiency.

In addition, the poor require a wide range of poverty-focused financial services, including access to a safe place to save, manage, and grow assets, which can be especially critical for people living with unpredictable and inconsistent incomes. In support of needs that push the boundaries of existing microfinance, Unitus is now exploring initiatives to catalyze innovative social entrepreneurship, leverage technology to reach new populations, and help develop groundbreaking pathways to financial access.

Unitus works with microfinance partners and other emerging enterprises in India, Southeast Asia, East Africa, South America, and Mexico. Their MFI partners are growing 7 times faster than their peers, demonstrating the strength of their leadership and the promise of their approach. In less than a decade, they have helped their partners serve more than 12 million families.

Let's help them empower the working poor to improve their lives.

To learn more about Unitus please visit their website: http://www.unitus.com

As part of our TUT's Adventurers Club mission, we have chosen Unitus as our adoptive organization for the month. To reach our collaborative goal of support for them, please donate a dollar or more below.

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