Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund

American National Red Cross

Hurricane Sandy Relief

Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund

We've seen the devastation, we've grasped the loss, and therein lies the gift... our chance to make a difference.

Let's heed the call and join the Hurricane Sandy relief efforts led by the Red Cross!

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The widespread damage by Hurricane Sandy left millions of families in the hard-hit regions without power, and thousands were forced to evacuate from their homes. On the night Sandy made landfall, the American Red Cross responded immediately, with more than 250 shelters open across sixteen states that provided overnight stays to nearly 11,000 people. Sandy is a big and destructive storm, and the relief efforts for Sandy will be long and difficult. People will continue to need help for weeks, even months, to put their lives back together.

Please make a donation to American Red Cross Disaster Relief today. The Red Cross continues to mobilize resources and relief workers to respond to Hurricane Sandy’s impact. Your help is needed to provide essential aid including shelter, meals, basic health care, emotional support and other emergency services.


For more information about The American Red Cross, please visit their website:

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