Greenpeace, Inc.

Greenpeace, Inc.

Greenpeace, Inc.

Greenpeace, Inc.


"To find out how much you've truly been blessed with in terms of love, time, energy, talent, joy, abundance, confidence, intelligence, wit, or any other quality, substance, or dispensation... give of them. Then you'll know what boundless really means."

~ The Universe

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About Greenpeace

In 1971, motivated by their vision of a green and peaceful world, a small team of activists set sail from Vancouver, Canada, in an old fishing boat. These activists, the founders of Greenpeace, believed a few individuals could make a difference.

Today, Greenpeace is the leading independent campaigning organization that uses peaceful direct action and creative communication to expose global environmental problems and to promote solutions that are essential to a green and peaceful future. Greenpeace takes action to protect oceans and forests, eliminate the use of harmful chemicals, and transition to a world powered by clean and unlimited energy sources like the wind and sun.

Saving Oceans

All around the world, our oceans are in crisis. Three quarters of global fish stocks are suffering from overfishing and 90% of top marine predators are already gone. Destructive fishing practices destroy critical ocean habitats, pirate fishing harms global fish stocks, and as the ocean becomes more vulnerable it will succumb more quickly to the harmful effects of global warming. Whale slaughter continues to put endangered species at risk and pollution from land-based sources is turning the oceans into a dumping ground.

Protecting Forests

Ancient forests are disappearing before our eyes. Not only does forest loss eliminate wildlife habitat and harm biodiversity, but tropical deforestation releases tons of greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change.

Stopping Global Warming

The planet is changing in a fundamental way. The world is hotter today than it has been in two thousand years. By the end of the century, if current trends continue, the global temperature could climb so high that the climate and weather patterns that have given rise to human civilization would be radically different.

But it didn’t happen on its own. Global warming is largely the result of climate change caused by burning fossil fuels like coal and oil. In fact, coal-fired power plants are the single largest U.S. source of global warming pollution.

Helping Save the Earth

Greenpeace is powered by the people. They are independent and don't take any money from corporations, industry, or government, which means that it's up to us, the people, to help. It's up to US to take responsibility and action. To make a big difference, donate to Greenpeace today... every dollar raised helps to preserve and protect our earth.

To learn more about Greenpeace, visit their website:

**All media and photos courtesy of Greenpeace.

As part of our TUT's Adventurers Club mission, we have chosen Greenpeace as our adoptive organization for the month. To reach our collaborative goal of support for them, please donate a dollar or more now at the link below.

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