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Shane's Inspiration


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Shane's Inspiration

Their Mission

Fostering a bias-free world for children with disabilities while creating social inclusion for children with disabilities through the vehicle of inclusive playgrounds and programs.

What They Do

Shane’s Inspiration has grown to a network of 56 inclusive playgrounds throughout the world, with another 75 in development.  They have seven international playgrounds in Mexico, Israel, Canada, Ecuador and Russia.  Their education and community outreach programs, which work to eliminate bias against children with disabilities, has directly served over 35,000 children in over 150 schools.  Lastly, their Inclusion Lunchbox, which allows educators an opportunity to independently facilitate our education program, has been ordered from 35 countries throughout the world.


 In 1997, Shane Alexander Williams came into his parents’ lives for a beautiful but brief moment.  Born with spinal muscular atrophy, Shane passed away two weeks after his birth.  Through their profound grief, Catherine Curry-Williams and Scott Williams began searching for a way to honor their son’s life.  They soon realized that Shane’s disability would have prevented him from playing on a playground with other children.  At that time, there were no truly accessible playgrounds in the Western United States.

So a year later, Catherine, Scott, and close friend Tiffany Harris, were rallying friends, family, and community leaders to build the very first Universally Accessible Playground in California.  In 2000, they cut the ribbon on “Shane’s Inspiration Playground” in LA’s Griffith Park, beginning a wave of inclusive play that would change our city forever.

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