A Walk Home - MARE's 2nd Walk for Adoption


A Walk Home - MARE's 2nd Walk for Adoption

E. Taunton, Massachusetts
Training buddies Patty Quartararo and Courtney Connolly

A Walk Home - MARE's 2nd Walk for Adoption

PLEASE HELP raise awareness for the need of older child adoption and help find a forever family for a child!

Please make a donation, spread the word, or adopt an older child.

Do whatever you can ... Donate your Time, Talent or Treasure

To the side of our webpage, hear the voices of former foster care children.  Know that there are other foster care children whose voices are not being heard in our local communities!  Our family personally asks you ... if you do not help, who will?

When I asked my college-age daughter what we should say for our team’s website page for MARE’s 2nd Annual Walk-for-Adoption, she enthusiastically stated "Please Give A Child A Chance in Life: Adopt an Older Child."

Why do those words ring so loudly?

Those words are coming from the heart of a loving child who, along with her two siblings, adopted my husband and me as parents over a decade ago.

Fortunately, we found our forever family.

There are about 10,000 children in the Massachusetts foster care system every year who do not have a forever family or permanent home.  There are over 2,000 of these children who are available for adoption.  Each year only about 800 of these children find parents to adopt them statewide, yet older, sibling groups, and special needs children/teens are more difficult to place.  The average age of these children is 8 years old, and many are teenagers with siblings.  Foster parents and adoptive parents are always needed.  MARE helps find "a permanent home to call home" for children and teens in foster care in Massachusetts, including sibling groups and children who are traditionally harder to place.  EVERY CHILD/TEEN deserves a loving, safe, permanent home!

If you feel that you are not able to adopt at this time, then please make a donation and help us raise awareness for MARE’s 2nd Annual Walk for Adoption to be held on Sunday May 22nd in East Taunton, MA.

Donating money through this site is simple, fast and secure.  It is also the most efficient way to make a contribution to our fundraising efforts for MARE’s 2nd Annual Walk for Adoption.

Please do not forget to check if your employer will match your contribution too! 

If your employer does have an employee matching contribution benefit, then please take a few minutes of your time to register your contribution with your employer.  Massachusetts foster care children are depending on you! 

The following information may be required regarding matching contributions: MARE is Non-Profit, EIN 04-2227431; Fax 617-542-1006; MARE's Fundraising Director is Janice Halpern  janiceh@mareinc.org ; MARE - 45 Franklin Street, 5th Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301

Many thanks for your support -- and don't forget to forward this link to others to help raise awareness and to help donate!

For more information about how you, or your organization, or religious group may help foster care children in Massachusetts go to: www.mareinc.org 

If you would like to attend or participate at MARE's Walk for Adoption you may register online at:  http://www.firstgiving.com/mare

Please join ranks with our family and others to make these MARE annual fundraising efforts a major success for our Massachusetts foster care children.

Visit MARE's online photolisting of some of the foster care children MARE is hoping to find permanent homes.


To learn about foster care facts in Massachusetts and other states visit:  http://www.childwelfarepolicy.org and http://www.childwelfarepolicy.org/doc/FCfacts.Massachusetts.pdf

Also visit National Adoption Day link to learn more about the foster care children/teens who are available nationally for adoption.


Hear the voices of our Nation's foster care children on YouTube

Just Say Yes   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QOqx4ggOJWc



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A Walk Home - MARE's 2nd Walk for Adoption
MARE is Non-Profit EIN: 04-2227431