Guinea Kids Education Fund


Guinea Kids Education Fund

Guinea Kids Education Fund

The Guinea Kids Education Fund is a non-profit organization founded in 2007 to provide education opportunities to young children in Conakry, Guinea West Africa. Through our program children are given a whole child approach to their education that includes after school tutoring, tuition and books, meals and community.

Our Vision is the people of Guinea are self-reliant, empowered, and thriving supported by a mutually enriching connection with people in the US.

Our Mission is to support high quality children’s education in Guinea and provide opportunities for people to experience and benefit from the richness of Guinean culture.



We will honor your support by emailing you a sponsorship certificate, including the number of months you gifted. You may also choose to gift this card to someone during the holidays.

Sending a child to school with food and resources is the most meaningful gift to give your loved ones. 

Your gift of $300 provides one child with a full year of school and program benefits, and each gift of $25 provides one month. How many months are you able to give this year? Make your influence known in these important lives.


To receive your Sponsorship Certificate be sure to fill out your email address after clicking Donate.


All of our love and thanks,

The Guinea Kids Education Fund Board of Directors
Marissa Baratian, Kim Copeland, Aimee Cruver, Alya Koumbassa, Julia Koumbassa, Karim Koumbassa, and Angela Nelson

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