Grace Lee's Fundraising Page


Starlight Walkathon 2009

Boston, Massachusetts

Grace Lee's Fundraising Page

Hello! Thank you for visiting my fundraising page! I'm walking in my first 10K walkathon for Starlight Ministries in October, and would love to partner with you as I walk to support an organization doing life transforming work in the city. (Please read below for more about Starlight and why I am doing this walk.)

I'm turning 26 on 9/25, and I am asking for donations toward this cause as my birthday gift. I'm hoping to raise $1000, and gifts anywhere from $50-$250 will help me reach that goal, but anything you are able to give will be helpful and of great encouragement to me and Starlight. All donations are tax-deductible.
Thanks so much for your support and consideration!

Why I'm doing the walkathon: For years, I've wanted to do my part in following Jesus' call to care for the poor and love my neighbor, but have always felt at a lost of where or how to start, despite always hearing about it at church and in my campus fellowship. When the opportunity to be a part of standing with others in declaring that the church in Boston and Cambridge does care about the issue of homelessness, the walk felt like something that I *could* do at this point in my life, and while it may just be a baby step toward learning how to be a part of what Jesus calls us to do, it feels like it's somewhere I can start for now. 
Some background about Starlight: For the last 20 years, Starlight Ministries (a program at Emmanuel Gospel Center, where I work) has been building relationships with people who are homeless and street involved, and training churches and individuals on how to engage with folks on the streets in their communities. Their vision is that eventually every church in Boston and Cambridge would be engaging effectively with people who are homeless in their neighborhoods. I love that the heart of Starlight is rooted in a desire to not just give handouts like any other agency helping the homeless, but to focus building real relationships and meeting people where they are, for the long run. (Read more about homelessness and what Starlight does here.)


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Grace Lee's Fundraising Page
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