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Special Olympics Virginia

2012 Northern Virginia RAPPELLER

Arlington, Virginia

Graham Campbell's Page

Listen, this is for charity, but its also so that I can say that I rappelled down a Hilton.  And if you give to me, you can tell your kids you gave money to someone to rappelled down a Hilton.  Give over $100 and you can have a photo of me mid-rappel.  Give $250 or more and I'll buy you a beer, and scream your name in sheer terror the entire way down the building. 

And help me to honor athletes who are far more courageous than I will ever be. 


UPDATE: 4/7/12: So thanks to my awesome friends, I hit $1000.  So I reupped the goal by $500, mostly thanks to Jinnah for giving $250 bones. So help me raise even more money and the Hilton gives me a free dinner.

Help send me Over the Edge for Special Olympics Virginia!

That’s right…I’m hoping to rappel off a 15-story building in downtown Arlington on June 22nd! In order to take on this challenge and join other fearless Special Olympics fans on the roof, I must first reach my fundraising goal. With your help I’ll be dangling from 250 feet up in no time!

Donating through this secure site is the easiest and most efficient way to contribute to my fundraising efforts. Your support is greatly appreciated—and don't forget to forward this to anyone who you think might be interested in making a donation as well!

Your donation will assist Special Olympics Virginia in reaching our total fundraising goal of $75,000. And with your help, I hope to surpass my own fundraising goal and join other adrenaline junkies as we rappel down the Hilton Crystal City. It’ll be an extreme adventure that we hope will generate extreme impact for Special Olympics Virginia.

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