BPP All-Time Dream for 826 Valencia


BPP All-Time Dream for 826 Valencia

BPP All-Time Dream for 826 Valencia

As founder, editor, and writer of a baseball website, I am continually amazed at the collaborative possibilities of the Internet. This is a Golden Age for reading and writing, one where anyone can make their voice heard and be a part of the creative process, one where more great content than ever is produced, much of it free. One of my pleasures operating a website is bringing as many people as I can into the fold and giving them an opportunity to write, and now, I'd like to help an organization with a similar philosophy.

826 Valencia is a non-profit based in San Francisco, with locations across the country that teach journalism to kids ages 6 to 18. While hundreds of volunteers regularly help out, more help is needed. An average of 85 students a day visit the various writing centers, and 826 constantly needs support: $100 buys a week's worth of supplies for a writing lab; $500 can fund a workshop, and the list of necessities goes on. For more information, please visit 826valencia.org.

I've recently launched the BPP All-Time Dream Project having people vote on nine player all-time baseball dream teams. Voting runs through March 27, I'll be posting results on April 15 in honor of Jackie Robinson Day, and because of the broad appeal of my subject matter, I'd like to make this about more than just honoring a handful of ballplayers. I'm recruiting an All Star lineup of writers for the results post of my project, I've hired an illustrator to produce trading cards for the players who get selected, and now, I'd like to give something back. As one man, I can't do a whole lot on my own, though my experience has been that joining together with others allows for all sorts of possibilities.

I'll get to the point. I'd like to use the appeal of the BPP All-Time Dream Project to gather donations for 826 Valencia. I've set a goal of $3,000 by my publish date, April 15. It's a modest amount, but I believe it's enough to make a difference.

I'd be remiss if I didn't offer incentives for donations. Here they are:

Any donation: You'll be listed in the final results post of my project as a donor to 826 forever noting your generosity. If everyone who reads this post donates even a dollar, we should easily surpass the fundraising goal.

$25: You'll receive a free set of original trading cards produced for this post (right now, I'm limiting this to the first 100 people who make this donation, since I'll be paying out of pocket on shipping.) You'll also be listed in the final results post of my project as a donor to 826 forever noting your generosity.

$50: You get a guaranteed post. I'll write 1,000 words on a baseball-related subject of your choice for my website or any other. Got a distant relative who played baseball 100 years ago? I'll research and write about him or her. I'll illuminate your favorite baseball-related charity. I'll do everything short of endorse someone for the Hall of Fame or promote hate. I'll also personally call or email to thank you for your donation. And, of course, you'll be listed in the final results post of my project as a donor to 826 forever noting your generosity.

That's all I can think of for now. Please email me at thewomack@gmail.com with any thoughts or feedback. Thanks, and I'm excited to see how this goes.


Graham Womack, founder and editor


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