Starved Puppy in Utility Shed full of poops, NO FOOD


Starved Puppy in Utility Shed full of poops, NO FOOD

Starved Puppy in Utility Shed full of poops, NO FOOD

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3/2/2010 update #3" Moo is discharged today. He is like a different dog, alert and happy, playing with toys, and kissing everyone. Dr. Todd said Moo Moo was about one day from crashing and dying the day we brought him in.  After numerous tests and consults with the pathologist, he concluded that Moo Moo's primary problem was severe parasitism and malnutrition with various complications arising from that.  The blood count continued to drop 50% after intake.  there was iron deficiency and a virus, hookworms sucking the iron out, and diarrhea. 

After two hospitalizations and aggressively treating symptomatically, Moo Moo is feeling good.  Everything is either resolved or dramatically improved.

2/23/2010 update #2 " We visited Moo Moo yesterday.  He was glad to see all of us, but still doesn’t feel good, even though he has gained a little weight.The Vet is keeping him stable and under observation.  He is treating for several possibilities until he gets lab results back..... We do have individuals working on founding out who did this and prosecuting them.

2/18/2010 update #1 " Moo Moo is going to make it. We think it's a miracle, answered prayers. We expect a full recovery unless unforeseen complications arises due to his low immune system. He is alert, and his appetite is improving. A legal action is being initiated against the perpetrator."
How could a human being be such cruel to any animal? How could anyone do this to a puppy? This puppy has a name now. His name is "Moo Moo". He is fighting for his life with the help of Angel Dog Rescue and their vet.

When you read "Moo Moo" story below, remember most of us who are GOOD people. We are going to help Moo Moo  to LIVE & deserve a HAPPY life by donating toward his vet care.

"Angel Dog Rescue  in Georgetown, Georgia,  received an emergency phone call from Laurie Montfort yesterday.  She was clearly upset, but was on the road, so she asked us to PLEASE go see about this dog!  She gave us Rick's phone number and Rick told us how to get there.  "It's really bad", he warned us.  When we arrived in Cuthbert, Georgia,  Rick led us to a rental cabin he owns.  Idealic setting in a cabin by a lovely pond? "

"Then he opened the door to the utility shed.

"Oh my God, it's just a puppy, left shut up to starve to death!"

"There was NO food OR water. Only a bag of fertilizer, and a room full of feces."

"Howard, an Angel Dog foster, named him "Moo Moo" and held him all the way to the vet's emergency room.  We didn't know if he could be saved, but his eyes said he wanted to live.  Moo Moo only weighed 10 pounds... nothing but skin and bones with that sweet face.  Dr. Todd and his team are doing everything they can to save him. "

Moo Moo starved day after day and  was ALONE by himself in the cold, utility shed for days. He must have eaten his own poops to survive!

We could change "Moo Moo" fate! We could do it together. Please give whatever you can and ask others to give. Please help Susan Hayley, Director of Angel Dog Rescue to pay for Moo Moo's vet care.
Please donate.

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Starved Puppy in Utility Shed full of poops, NO FOOD
Puppy starving in utility shed! HELP plz