Newby's last hoorah!


Newby's last hoorah!

Newby's last hoorah!

 As Halee enters her senior year of high school, we reflect on the last six years since she was diagnosed with Lupus.  First to the disease, Halee continues to take so many medications that are not Lupus meds, they are for other diseases but they seem to keep the flares down a little bit.  Six years into the disease and no remission in sight!  WE have to keep our eye on the goal, find a cure! 

While Halee continues to miss more school than we would like, she made high honors last trimester and continues to hold a great gpa-she's an amazing kid!  It is amazing how resiliant kids can be and how Halee is so involved but has also learned that she just can't participate in all of the school activities she would like.  She finally had to drop out of dance and this year had to leave the drama dept at HHS as the result of a flare.  It is heartbreaking for her to have to make these decisions but that is life with Lupus.

Second, we have met so many wonderful people through these six long years, from Halee's nurse, Jan to her childhood nurse Mary, to the people on Everyday Health, and OF course Leroy Butler!  Amy Ollman that helped keep the fund-raiser alive and Libby who has donated her place of business and so much more.

 It has been an amazing ride getting to know people that help take care of Halee, help her raise money and awareness through the grueling ordeal of suffering from a chronic condition that allows Halee to look like she does (see picture) to how she really feels on the inside.

This will be the last year that we do a satellite fund-raiser for the Lupus Foundation of WI.  Next year, as Halee leaves for college we will join Dawn and the hundreds of walkers at Mount Mary (and we are so excited about the work that she is doing). 

100% of the funds that we raise (as always) will go to the Lupus Foundation of America-WI.  We will be having our North Shore Fund-raiser at Libby Montana, in Mequon on July 20th.  If you would like more details, please let us know by emailing me at or call Dawn and she can get you in touch with me.  Volleyball, the FAMOUS rummage room, a pretty darn cool silent auction and TONS of fun.

Please help us find a cure to this awful disease...........we do not want another family to get the call that will forever change your life.........."your child has Lupus"........

As a result of your help we have raised $37,000 online and we think about $80,000 total, if we can raise $20,000 this year we will reach a mile stone that will help so many more kids.

Thanks for your support!

The Newbys.





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