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Hannah Cole's Fundraising Page

Hannah Cole's Fundraising Page

Thank you for donating to my page! This mission trip this summer is going to be awesome! Not only will I be having fun making new friends and going all over the country, I will be spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ all over! This may also help with my personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

$3,495 is is only most of what I need to raise. After this amount, I'll need to raise another $550 for rehearsal camp, and another $210 for roundtrip airline. Total money will come to about $4,260.

You can also pray for me! All prayers are appreciated.

Please consider making at least a small donation! Thank you!

UPDATE 3/26/10: 3 months till I leave!!!

UPDATE 4/26/10: I leave in 2 months! I have reached $600! I'm so excited to see what God has in store for me!

UPDATE: 5/26/10: Oh wow, I leave in 1 month! God has shown some amazing things and I can't wait to sing for His glory!!


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Hannah Cole's Fundraising Page
YC, here I come! :D