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Flying Kites Oasis

You have reached the fundraising page for Oasis, Flying Kites' orphanage outreach program.


Oasis seeks to build the capacity of well led orphanages in Nairobi's slums by sharing a proven model of operation, establishing a forum for communication and facilitating greater access to resources. The Flying Kites model emphasizes extraordinary care and expects extraordinary results, but we understand that our model is not replicable for the estimated 50,000 orphaned children in need of care in Kenya; children who currently reside on the street or in overcrowded orphanages.


Currently in its pilot stage, Oasis has 16 member homes which care for approximately 1,200 orphaned children. Since its inception in May 2010, Oasis has formed a number of significant partnerships with local and international organizations that are helping us provide access to resources and care. The Divinity Foundation helped organize a free clinic, where over 350 children in the Oasis program had access to checkups, immunizations and antibiotics. Oasis has also partnered with the Mwelu Foundation, a photography program begun by Julius Mwelu, a former street child, puts digital cameras in the hands of children in the slums, allowing them to both document their daily life and learn a valuable trade. The non-profit branch of a LA film company, GoodMakers Films will be sending a documentary film crew to visit our Oasis homes in the summer of 2011, filming the children as they prepare for a dance competition hosted by Kenyan popstar, Jimmie Gait.


Oasis’ operating costs run about $1,500 a month; this money assists our Kenyan-based program manager Frannie Noble, as she spend her time in Nairobi visiting homes and creating partnerships. The success of the Oasis program rests largely on our ability to be present, as a point of contact in Nairobi. Flying Kites Leadership Academy, our headquarters and main site, is nearly 2 hours outside Nairobi. Operating costs give Frannie the ability to spend more time in Nairobi, allowing her to continue to serve as the access point between homes and resources.


We fully expect our homes to be prepared to welcome international volunteers in June 2011, significantly increasing their working capital and worldwide exposure. The Oasis website, which will serve as the third party volunteer sourcing site is expected to go live by February 2011.  




More information on Oasis can be found at Frannie Noble and Hannah Wesley’s blogs:





All donations are tax deductible; Flying Kites is a registered 501(c)(3) organization: ID#20-5946832. Flying Kites seeks to raise the standards of care available to the world’s poorest children. We strive to give these children the skills they need – education, imagination and resolution – to succeed in and contribute to a complex and changing world. Flying Kites prepares these children to affect their societies through its emphasis on compassion, advocacy and leadership.

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Flying Kites Oasis
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