Help Me Help Kids With Cancer!


Help Me Help Kids With Cancer!

Help Me Help Kids With Cancer!

Update 16-February-2012: Unfortunately Uncle Barry, the inspiration for this project pictured to the right, passed away today. His big heart will live on via this fundraiser and all the lives it ends up touching.

Fed up with the corporate world, I took the plunge into a life incorporating my passions of traveling, writing, volunteering, learning/teaching, and telling stories. These passions combined to form The Happy Nomad Tour and I blog about it at

Though I started The Happy Nomad Tour bald, thinking it would be easier to manage, I am now letting it grow out.

My mom has asked me repeatedly over the past 15 years to grow out my hair. Now she is getting her wish, though she may regret it! 

After sending a picture of my crazy hair home to my family, my brother responded with an awesome idea. He said I should grow out my hair and donate it to one of the organizations that takes donated human hair and turns it into wigs for children battling cancer.

This, combined with the recent loss of an aunt to cancer and an uncle currently battling cancer and...


Inspired by my friend Maria, who on her own accord wanted to cycle from Canada to Mexico and saw an opportunity to combine her journey with the raising money to build a school in Guatemala, I want to raise money for charity as I grow out my hair.

I found Wigs For Kids from a Google search and they happen to be from my hometown of Cleveland! I contacted them and we hit it off from the start. One of the founders there also left behind their successful engineering career to help others. What are the chances we'd find each other? :) 

My goal is to raise $1000 for each inch of hair I grow. The grand total, I hope, will be $12,000 since 12 inches/30.5cm is the minimum amount you can donate.  

I'll provide periodic updates, both of my crazy hair and of how much has been raised on my site.

Please help promote this effort via your social networks and friends. Let's help kids with cancer focus on healing instead of their physical appearance!

Donate more than $500 to have your logo/link featured here.

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