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CHASA Childhood Stroke Awareness

harriet campbell's Fundraising Page

This is my little stroke survivor Liv Madeline Campbell. Liv had a stroke in utero and when I gave birth to her she had seizures 31hrs later. She was in the NICU for 5 days after birth.,so many thoughts were going on in my mind I tried to stay positive. I was a first time mommy and I was so shocked when the drs told me she had a stroke.I never imagined babies can have strokes inside there mommies. I was so puzzled because I ate well exercised and took my vitamens everyday.....

She is six months old and doing well. We live each day as it comes making sure we are reaching our milestones. Physical therapy and occupational therapy is given to my little ladybug just to make sure she is mobile and well. She enjoys it very much and loves playing. Her right hand was stiff due to the stroke but with the therapy it is getting a little bit stronger.

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