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Hands Across The Water, Inc.

Hands Across The Water, Inc.

Thank you for visiting the Hands Across The Water fundraising page!

Hands Across The Water is a non-profit, licensed child placing agency located in the state of Michigan.  We provide foster care and adoption services. We have international and US adoption programs.  This agency provides many services to families and children in the US and throughout the world.  Your donation will help HATW continue our efforts of building strong families.

Hands Across The Water is committed to our families and the children of the United States and the world who are in need of a family.  We provide adoptive parents a "helping hand" through the intricate adoption process and take pride in our preparation of adoptive parents for a family built by adoption.  Hands Across The Water provides support programs to families through our education classes, support groups, financial aid, and access to available resources.

Hands Across The Water also provides foster care services to the children in the foster care system of Michigan. This is difficult work but very needed. We work with the biological families trying to get back on their feet to parent their children, the children who are going through a very difficult time having been removed from the only family they know, and the foster parents trying to support and care for those children.

Hands Across The Water has a Family Strengthening Services program which provides adoptive parenting classes and support groups for parents and children touched by adoption. We now offer counseling services by professionals who understand the issues of adoption and foster care.

Services provided to prospective birth families in our infant adoption program are all at no charge to the families. Hands Across The Water helps them explore their parenting options and helps them through the difficult initial stages of an adoption plan. Services provided to birth families continue as long as it is needed which usually is ongoing for years - again at no cost to these families.

In addition to the adoption and foster care services and support provided to families, Hands Across The Water has a "Helping Hands Project" which helps orphanages and communities around the world.  Some of the projects we have initiated are: sending new and gently used children's clothing to orphanages in Guatemala, Bolivia, Ukraine, Russia, Panama, Dominican Republic, Rwanda, and Peru; sending toiletry items, formula, and vitamins to various orphanages; raising money to purchase beds for an orphanage in Russia; raiseing money for an orphanage in Bolivia to purchase milk, food, and pay for caregiver's wages; raiseing monty to purchase school supplies for a girl's orphanage in Iran and for an orphanage in Russia; purchasing Spanish language books for orphanages in Guatemala and Bolivia; raiseing money for an orphanage in Bolivai to repair their leaky roof; and each year at Christmas we have a "Remember the Children" toy drive where we collect new toys to send to various orphanages.  In 2012 we raised money to provide children and families in Mali the much needed millet to offset the drought and feed the children.  

Please consider making a donation to Hands Across The Water today, so that we can continue our efforts in providing support and services to families and children touched by adoption.

Donating through this website is simple, fast and totally secure. It is also the most efficient way to support our fundraising efforts.

Many thanks for your support -- and don't forget to forward this to anyone who you think might want to donate too!  Maybe you have family members and friends who have been touched by adoption and would like the opportunity to support an organization such as our. Or know of someone who would like to lend a helping hand to rural communities around the world.

With heartfelt thanks,

Kathi Nelson, LMSW      Agency Director

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